Birth Stories

Fiona and Matt, Liverpool

Now that our beautiful baby daughter, Eilidh, is here we’d like to thank Madina for all her advice and support during pregnancy which helped me have a lovely, natural birth.

Through Hypnobirthing we learned relaxation and breathing skills which helped during pregnancy, as well as in labour. As my bump grew in size a relaxation session before bedtime really helped me get comfortable and sleep well!

Eilidh decided to make her appearance in the world a week after her due date. I used the skills Madina taught me to relax and breathe through the tightening’s, and by employing these skills I managed to labour at home throughout the day until the early hours of the morning, at which point we decided it was time to go to hospital. At hospital I used the birthing pool and continued with my deep breathing and relaxation (I admit I also used


gas and air, having had this when I gave birth to my first daughter, Zoe, I knew it would be beneficial to me). We were lucky we had a very supportive midwife who was not intrusive but provided the level of support I needed, she commented a few times on how relaxed and calm I was. Hypnobirthing really made me aware of what was happening in my body and why. My waters released at 5.05, and as the fluid was cloudy, the pool had to be drained (Eilidh had opened her bowels, and although she was not in distress she couldn’t be born into the water in case she inhaled or swallowed something she shouldn’t). Eilidh was born around 10 minutes later. She weighed in at a “healthy” 10lb 2oz, and everyone I have spoken to is very impressed that I managed to give birth to her without drugs!

Throughout my pregnancy I experienced some stressful events, a scare at a scan and two bereavements (one while I was in labour). My sessions with Madina helped me deal with these events, as well as helping me birth my daughter naturally – something which I will always treasure. I would recommend Hynobirthing to anyone who is expecting a baby, even if it’s not your first and you think you know what to expect.

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